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The name Bingo was introduced 1929 by the American Edwin Lowe. He had watched a group of Spanish players on a fair in Georgia that covered the drawn numbers with dried beans and called “Beano” at a profit. When Edwin Lowe held his first Beano rounds in New York, a winner called in the zeal of the bingo. Lowe found this name better, and so it remained. For a dollar a year, others were allowed to use the game themselves, but under the obligation to call it bingo.


The participants buy lots or even participation coupons, which are printed with a number of numbers. Like a lottery, a conférencier moves randomly from a drum of balls with printed numbers. He gets these numbers, whereupon the participants mark them on their playing cards with a color stamp or a stone – as long as they have the numbers invoked on their attendance coupon. As soon as the first participant could mark all 5 numbers of a horizontal or vertical row or diagonal on his lot, he calls out loudly and clearly Bingo !. Partially, it is also a winning combination when the center and the four corners are ticked off. In other game variants, different characters are also a win; There is also the variant that all numbers must be checked off in order to win (“blackout variant”). After reviewing his game, he is the winner, receives a prize or prize, and the game round is complete.

Unlike other lotteries, bingo is associated with a community effect as participants sit in a hall. Church communities use this type of game often to both the members of the parish both to deal with as well as to finance from the proceeds of the Bingolotterie beneficial projects.

On TV, bingo is the basis for successful broadcasts. In Scandinavia, Bingolotto has existed since the 1990s. In Germany (Bingo at Sat.1 and Bingo in the NDR) and Austria (Bingo in the ORF) run and run different bingo programs.

In the case of sausage districts or eggs in parts of the Bergisches Land, eggs are broken into the green cabbage season and the eggs before the Easter eggs are raked after the Bingoregeln.

In Turkey, Bingo (Turkish Tombala) is traditionally played on New Year’s Eve with the whole family.

In the German press landscape bingo is used to increase the “sold circulation” according to IVW. The playing cards with several rounds of the game are attached in front of the newspaper and also given away at the kiosk. The winning numbers are drawn by a notary. The winning numbers will be published daily on the newspaper’s title page until a winner reports to the newspaper and signs his profit claim. In the case of legal winners, a new round of games will start. Most famous games are “Gold Bingo” or “Rubbel Dich reich!” The picture, B.Z.-BINGO the B.Z. And Rubbelmax of the Berlin courier. The legal framework for the execution of such games is very narrow and always subject to legal disputes.


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